Set after Call of Duty 2010, You play as the Australian army with the Americans on your team. You must destroy the European and Russian army.

Chapter #1 Return of the Natzis

In the middle of the battle you see a massive Natzi sheild on a plane. So then you must go on a Australian army helicopter and find out what happend.

Chapter#2 Natzi Attack

Once you find out the details a massive tank apears on the ground. it has wiped out 10 Russian men already. You go down and attack the tank. the tank aims and shots at you but you dodge. After dodging it you finally get to destroy the tank.

Chapter#3 4 Armys Unite

The other 3 army come to your aid. The Japanese army tries to take you down but you destroy their power source. Then the Natzis go berserk.

Chapter#4 Natzi's End

You start by secretly sending in squads to search and gather intel on the Natzis. Then you go in to the energy core for the Natzis where the scientists are. You blow it up with your tank and all the Natzis get wiped out because their robots. the 4 army celebrate.

Chapter#5 Russia vs America

America goes to Russia to fight the Russian army while the Europeans and the Australias become friendly again. All is well until a swarm of robots appear.