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The Story

You are Riku. You where walking through the Destiny Islands, suddenly a portalappears and you fall in, the portal then closes.

Riku finds himself in Detroit, Michigan. Someone tries to shot Riku, but he doges the bullet and unsheaths his keyblade, which turns out to be a knife. Riku stabs the gangsta and steals his gun and car. You drive of and something happens.

The Accident

Riku is driving the car and dosen't look where he is driving and crashed into an incoming car

He wakes up in a house and a man that called B Dawg tells you what happend. He then Tells Riku the only way to get back to Riku's world is to eliminate the three big gangs. The Bl@ck GunZ, The Red Rev@lvaz and The We@lthay SinD@kitz. Riku's first mission is to hunt down a policeman that secretly works for The Bl@ck Gunz.

Removing a Mole

Riku enters into his new car and follows the mole till he gets to a warehouse. Riku secretly hids his car and climbs up the building infront of the warhouse. Minutes later, the mole exits the warhouse and Riku shoots him. The mole dies, and a few of The Red Rev@lvaz chase after Riku. Riku then shoots the Red Rev@lvaz that where chasing Riku and kills them.

Red Dead Revenge

When Riku goes for an drive around the city, he sees wanted posters saying




A police car chases Riku, then shoots the tyre on the police car and the police carcrashes into a tall glass building. Riku hop out of the car and hides in the Detriot underground

Riku's Revenge

Riku stealthy assassinates a Red Rev@lva and Riku takes his AK-47 Riku goes around ripping down all his wanted posters, while sticking to the shadows. Once Riku takes down the last poster, a Red Rev@lva goes to stab Riku, but Riku does a roll and stabs the gansta in back.

1 Down, 2 to Go!

B-Dawg calls Riku and tells him to blow up the Red Rev@lvaz HQ while the remianing gang members are inside it. So, before the Red Rev@lvaz get near their HQ, Riku sets up heaps of bombs. Riku climbs up abuilding that's 500 feet away from the HQ. Once all the members got inside the HQ, Riku sets off the bomb, whick kills them. Riku runs bck to B-Dawg's place.

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