You play as Ethen, one of the main protaginists. A virus hit Australia and wiped out every adult in the world. Now it's a world of kids and tennagers creating tribes.

The Story

Episode 1: Psyco Getaway

Ethen is on the run from the Psycos. He finds a spot to hid in once his worn out so he can rest up. A mysterious figure appeared and took Ethen.

Episode 2: Mitchell

Ethen finds out that the mysterious figure was Mitchell. They dicuss what they will call there tribe. They agree on the name: The Lone Wolves.

Episode 3: The New HQ

They arrive at Ethen's house. The decide to rebuild the house so it works as a new HQ. After many days the HQ is finished with all the latest tech and security.

Episode 4: The Psyco Empire

Once they go outside, a bunch of Psyco's patrol cars are patroling the streets. So they steal one of the cars and drive off to The Blue Mountains to have shelter.

Episode 5: The Hunting Grounds

Once they enter a place called the hunting grounds, the car breaks down. Then Mitchell and Ethen hear a strange noise.

Then Hunting Grounds happens after that